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This document covers the main PROS API.

C++ API Headers

The C++ API is designed for those who want to take an object oreinted approach to robot programming.

C++ Motor Classes

C++ Sensor Classes

C++ Screen Related Classes

C++ Other Classes:

C++ Abstract Classes (For Template/Library Writers)

C API Headers

The C API is designed for more advanced users who would rather program functionally than object oreinted.

C Motor Functions

C Sensor Functions

C Screen API

C Other Classes


PROS also includes LVGL installed as a default template, a graphics library that enables users to create advanced user interfaces on the V5's screen. For LVGL's features, please refer to LVGL's documentation:


Bundled with PROS as a default templateis also Okapi, a powerful motion control library for advanced users. For Okapi's API, please check Okapi's documentation: